Why Do You Need Me?

You have got a great product and a bright tech idea that can truly revolutionize thousands of lives.

Oh, the thrill of it!

But here is a fact: In today's world, not every best idea is a winner.
As a tech startup, you have to cut through the noise and build a brand to get a leg up on your competition. And then, let your product do all the talking! But to do that, you have to persuade people to listen to you. And guess what? That’s where I step in (takes a bow).
I know that sounds cliché, but here's a secret:

I got a superpower!

As a CS graduate, I am not only aware of how the 010101s work but I also
love to stay up-to-date with the latest news regarding technology developments.
And that gives me my SUPERPOWER. You see, being a copywriter and a tech graduate,
I can make your complex products and services sound like a nursery rhyme.
Yup, I can explain difficult concepts and tech jargon in a way that your readers end up saying,

"aha! This is what I need…take my money, please!"

Here's What I Do For You:

Bridge the Gap

Between your product and your target audience, I use my tech degree and copywriting expertise to create concise and valuable content.

Adopt Brand Voice

Whether it's eccentric and fun or formal/authoritative, I can write flawlessly in any tone that resonates with your brand persona.

Boost Your Growth Rate

By doing detailed research about the target audience and extracting their pain point. Then, creating persuading copy that hits their pain points like a bull’s eye.

Whether you are just starting out or are an established tech firm looking to up your conversion game- I can help you with all your copy needs.

Ok, Sidrah, I get it; you are the real deal! But what are your services?

Ahh!! Glad you asked.

My Services


Let’s face it; tech content can get boring pretty fast and put your reader to sleep. But you know what keeps the readers intrigued? Stories!! And by keeping them intrigued and hitting their pain points, I will create a sales copy that sells water to the fish. I can help you with email campaigns, landing pages, website content, product descriptions, and social media copywriting.

Content Writing

You need to educate the readers to build your authority, and what better way to do it than writing blog posts, articles, case studies, and business proposals. To build your authority and thought leadership, you need to educate your readers like a professional, and what is a better way to do it than publishing high-quality blog posts, research-backed articles, interesting case studies, and heart-catching business proposals.

Content Planning and Strategy

Content is a valuable asset of your website and managing it effectively is crucial for your website’s growth. I have worked as a content strategist for a leading real estate tech company and for a B2B service. As a content strategist, I keep in mind your business goals and user intent to plan, develop, and govern content that is helpful, clear, and relevant.

Editing and Proofreading

With my proofreading services, I will fix your content flaws by making it flow naturally. I do that by switching on my Grammar Nazi mode which tracks down any awkward sentences, fluffy content that adds no value, and grammatical mistakes that can be a deal-breaker. I work my magic and you are left with content that is so on-point, it could give Howard Hill a run for his money.

Oh Wow, you made it this far? Care to meet me?

Hi, I am Sidrah Ramzan, a CS graduate by degree and a copywriter by heart. I have always loved words, but then I digressed and chose to pursue a computer science degree. And that’s when I started noticing this:
Although coding was not my strong point but explaining how it works was where I shined.
And then a writer was born. Back in 2014, I started off as a freelance writer and focused on one niche, i.e., TECH. Here, I turned tech jargon into laymen's terms. I started working as a lead copywriter at prominent tech firms and found out that where others struggle to explain the complex working mechanism of the company's product; I could easily make the non-technical client understand it easily.
Being in the tech world for so long, I have noticed most tech startups lack personality. Same jargon-filled words, headlines, and content that is perhaps written for robots by robots. And the result is poor conversion and engagement rates.
If you are also doing that, you need to STOP! And let me use my superpowers to create copy that is refreshing, out of the box, and will make your reader stop scrolling for a minute!
For over 7 years, I have helped B2B companies, software vendors, and SaaS startups nail their boring copy game by crafting content that is a true crowd-pleaser.

Alright, Sidrah, I know you got some serious writing chops, but where are the testimonials?

Ok, enough of 'me' talk; let's hear what my clients have to say about me.


And in case that did not convince you, would the fact that I have worked with over 100 clients from all over the world perhaps change your mind?

Check out my Reviews

Still want something more? Alright, here's my portfolio!

My Projects

  • Project Portfolio

  • Sales Copy - Universal Rifle Buttstock

    What if you want to take an extra shot? What if that animal of once in a lifetime appears right in front of you? Will you waste time digging around your pockets? Scrambling through your bag pack? Or would you like extra rounds of ammo available RIGHT on the GO?

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  • Article Writing - Trusted IoT Manufacturers

    Wistron is one of the biggest players in the market when it comes to producing devices that are compatible with IoT computing logistics. It offers a vast array of devices and has long been in the market as an established company when it comes to telecommunication and the IT sector and seems fairly dominant within the American and European markets.

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  • Video Scripting - E2E

    E2E is an AI-based chatbot that allows companies to automate their recruitment process. The purpose behind this video's script was to introduce the software in the market

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  • Product Review - NJ Diet Review

    NJ Diet is a weight loss program that helps clients lose weight quickly and safely. NJ diet's essence is its diet plan which is created according to the DNA test and personal consultation of individuals.

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  • Content Strategy - Vector Connective

    Vector Connective provides high performing staffing and recruitment services to sales organizations worldwide. The main purpose of this content plan was to introduce the application in market.

    View The Strategy
  • Quality Assurance - Cache Service on WordPress

    Website speed is one of the most critical attributes of your online success. The visitors generally waste little to no time in closing down the website window if it takes more than a few seconds to load completely. In fact, Hubspot research confirms that 55% of the visitors spend less than 15 seconds on your website!

    Here's How I did It

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